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(You may do this if you want. :) (Smile))
20 segments and 5 questions to each one.


1. What is your name? Eve
2. How old are you? forever 19
3. What is your sexual orientation? (e.g, hetero, homo, bi, etc.) hetero
4. What is your hair colour and style? my real hair color was black, but i dyed it white ( i prefer saying silver though)
5. Do you have any pets? nope

Friends and Family

6. Do you have any brothers or sisters? yeah 2 sis and 1 bro
7. How many friends do you have (real life and online)? alot
8. Who are your best friends? My childhood friend who still lives under me
9. Do you get on well with your family? no, i parted ways long ago
10. Have you ever looked up your family's history? no

Home and Country

11. Where do you live? Germany
12. Do you like where you live? yes 
13. What are the best places in your country? Everything!
14. Have you ever moved house? yes
15. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to live?
i don't really care

Religion and Belief

16. Do you believe in God? yes
17. Do you follow a religion, have a general belief in the spiritual or don't believe at all? i don't have a religion, but u do believe in the supernatural
18. Do you believe in Ghosts, Demons or Angels? yes
19. Do you think Heaven, Hell or Limbo are real? yes
20. How do you think the world was made/created? Never gave it a thougt


21. Are you at school, college or university? not anymore
22. What is/was your favourite or least favourite subject?  my favorite was art and english, my least favorite was maths and france
23. Did/do you get bullied? If so, who bullied you and what for? nope never got bullied
24. Did/have you ever cheated in tests? i cheated almost in every test
25. Who was the teacher you liked or hated the most?
i liked my german teacher


26. What is your favourites style(s) of music? any kind of, but mostly J-pop and nightcore
27. What is currently your favourite song? get jinxed
28. Who is your favourite artist/band? i don't have 1
29. Have you ever tried or thought of setting up a band or starting a singing career? nopidope
30. Choice; Front row seats to every gig of your favourite artist/band, or a chance to spend the day with them?
doesnt really matter for me, since i don't have one


31. What is your favourite book? i think i don't have one....
32. Do you read books often, occasionally, rarely or never? rarely
33. Do you prefer reading newspapers or magazines instead of books? yes
34. What books have you had to read for school? can't remember anymore
35. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? fiction


36. Do you play board games/classic games? (Mousetrap, Ker-plunk, Mastermind, Chess, Twister, etc.) no
37. What is your favourite online game? elsword was the only one i could play
38. What is your favourite/least favourite video game and console? my favorite was always nintendo, but now its the PC i guess
39. Have you ever made one of your friends as a character on a video game you have? no
40. If you came up with a new video/computer game, what would it be and what would you do on it? A fighting VMMOARPG ( virtual massive multiplayer online anime role play gaming )with secret dungeons


41. What is your favourite/least favourite movie? i dont have one
42. Who are your favourite actors/actresses? i dont know any
43. What genre do you prefer? romance and comedy
44. Have you ever watched a film that is adapted from a book? yeah, date a live
45. Have you ever watched a movie sequel that you think is better then the original? (If so, what film?) 


46. What is your favourite food? i hate eating
47. What is your favourite drink? water
48. Do you have a favourite takeaway/restaurant? no
49. Do you prefer fast food, healthy food or an even mix? i hate both
50. Do you drink alcohol? no

Technology and the Internet

51. What is your favourite piece of tech? (e.g. Laptop, mobile phone, camera, games console, etc.) Ipad
52. Windows, Mac or Linux? Windows
53. Have you ever lost or accidentally broke your mobile phone? yes
54. What's your favourite website? mangahere
55. If you could create a new gadget/invention, what would it do and what would you name it? it could make you fly and teleport, and i would name it the flyteleporter 


56. What has been the best holiday you've been on? i hate going on holidays
57. Have you ever been outside your country for a holiday? yes
58. What do you do during the summer holidays? go back to china
59. Do you celebrate Easter, Halloween or Christmas? yes all of them
60. If you could go on holiday anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?  Hawaii, sleeping

Seasons and Weather

61. What's your favourite season and why? Summer and winter
62. What's your least favourite season and why? Autumm, i dont know
63. Do you hate it when it rains or snows? no in fact i love it when it rains
64. Are you fascinated/scared by extreme weather (hurricane, tornado, flood, tsunami, etc.) im fascinated
65. What is the 'ideal' weather for you? windy, but hot and not to strong


66. What's your favourite animal? snakes
67. What's your least favourite animal? spiders ( issat one? )
68. Do you like or hate insects?
69. Foxes; Like them or loathe them?
70. If you could make a mythological creature real, what mythological creature would you choose?
Succubus , i'm a horny guy


71. What is currently your favourite TV show? i dont have a TV
72. What do you prefer; Dramas or TV Soaps? Dramas
73. Do you like Outtake/Blooper and/or Practical Joke programs? yes
74. What was your favourite TV show as a kid? I didnt have a tv that time either
75. Would you ever want to be on TV? no

Fantasy and Science Fiction

76. If you could travel back in time to any point in history, where would you go and why? to the time of slaves
77. If you could have up to 5 superpowers, what would you have and what would you use them for?
read minds - Gambling
changing gravity points - out of fun 
teleport - Teleportation
making everything you imagine into reality - everything
changing memories - trolling

but i guess i would want to be free from the laws the humans made

78. Would you want to have immortality? maybe
79. If you could shape shift into any creature (real or mythological), what would you change to? Succubi
80. What element would you want to control? (Fire, air, water, earth, electric, etc.)
Well, you can't really control one element, since every element has a different shape, you can't  say what fire is, i couldn't just call you fire and control you

Aliens and Space

81. Do you think we are alone in the universe?
either we are or we are not, both ideas a terrifying
82. If you met an alien, how would you react? normal
83. If you could ask an alien three questions, what would you ask them?
84. Would you like to have a ride in space?
yeah why not
85. Some scientists believe we will have talked to aliens by 2025. Do you believe we will? nope


86. Do you still have any teddies/cuddly toys from your childhood?no
87. What's been your best memory from childhood? running away with my friends from something i can't remember
88. What's been your worst memory from childhood? 
running away with my friends from something i can't remember
89. Have you ever played a prank on anyone? yes a lot
90. Did you ever do anything in your childhood you wish you hadn't done?
yes a lot

Love and Relationships

91. Have you ever had a crush on someone from school/college? no
92. If you were going to ask them/someone you fancy out, how would you do it? (Tell them, give them a note, get your mate to ask) i don't know i never fell in love
93. Do you want to get married, or have you had a happy life so far if married? maybe
94. Do/Would you want to have children? yes 2
95. Would you give your life for them if such a scenario arose?
yes (not like my parents)

The 'After-Life'

96. What do you think happens after you die? youre death
97. Are you scared of dying? no
98. Do you believe in reincarnation? no
99. Would you want to look at your past lives if you were able to? yes

Final Question

100. Have you enjoyed doing this quiz? yes


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
So, this is my deviantart account (oh rly?)
i mostly draw mangas and animes and you can commish me if you like...

so something about me?, not really. Except that i have to much free time, and people say i try to get attention way to much, but i think thats bullcrap, i never advertised for my manga named "against god" that you can find on :P

i'm currently single, so all the ladies.... no jk (#butyoustillcanpnme)

i have long white hair, cuz i'm a lazy ol' ass who doesnt want to get a haircut, ( maybe thats why all my friends always want me to crossdress ._.) i have a blue contact lense on my right eye, i forgot why, and i'm 1,82 m heigh( i know i wrote it wrong, deal with it), oh and people say my smile makes children cry. #insertcreepysmile
aaaaaaand i'm a sadistic person

things i like:
-pullovers that are long enough to cover half of my hands
-anime and manga
-Eating sweets
-using the internet
-reading into peoples hearts

things i dislike:
-almost everything :>
(still confused about crossdressing)

thats it i think

you taking requests?
no sry, but i do take commisions :D

Wanna join my group?
depends, whats it about?

thats it. Yeah, i'm not really popular (cries internally)


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